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Our algorithm will give you a calorie intake that perfectly aligns with your fitness goal.

no guessing


Our simple user interface only needs a few variables to provide you with the information you need.

no guessing


Our algorithm is built on validated data that outperforms traditional methods for estimating calorie requirements.


Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle or learn about your energy expenditure (TDEE), we can help you reach your goal. Start your 21-Day free trial now! Check out some of our content below to see what we have been doing.

What Is LogSmarter™?

Checkout how we use machine learning to help our customers optimize their nutrition and reach their health and fitness goals.


Bulking Algorithm

This web page outlines a simple algorithm you can follow to make sure you're optimizing your ratio of muscle gain to fat gain when bulking.


Ultimate TDEE Calculator

Our calculator uses your demographic information to determine which of the many existing TDEE equations fits you the best.


Origin Story

Check out this article that explains everything about how our organization started.


How To Use LogSmarter™

Learn best practices for using LogSmarter™ to reach your goals in less than one minute!


What is TDEE?

Dr. Roberts explains what TDEE is and why it's important if you have a health or fitness goal.