1. What happens if I miss a weigh in or forget to track my calories for a day?

Missing a day for tracking one of these variables is fine and it happens to everyone. If you forgot to track calories but still weighed yourself, then log your weight in an entry. If you forgot to weigh yourself but tracked your calories then still log your calories. Our algorithm knows how to factor in entries that are partially missing data.

2. What if I didn’t track weight and calories for a day?

You have two options. You can either log your calories and weight but leave them both empty, or you can just not create an entry for that day. Either way our algorithm will treat that day the same and it will not negatively impact your intake recommendations.

3. When my body weight changes should I update my profile?

You don’t have to worry about this. Every time you add an entry to your main log, we will check if your weight changed and update your profile appropriately. If you are doing your daily tracking in a log that is not marked as your main log, we would suggest that you mark it as your main log. That way you can take advantage of this feature.

4. When logging calorie intake for a day, do I log how many calories I ate that day, or the day before?

For best results, we reccomend logging the number of calories you ate in a day in the same entry for that day. For example, if you ate 2500 calories on April 4th, then record 2500 calories for April 4th's entry and not for April 5th.

5. Does it matter what time of the day that I weigh myself?

It doesn't matter when you weigh yourself, but it does matter that you are consistent with when you weigh yourself. This means if you always weigh yourself in the morning, don’t weigh yourself one day at night because you missed your morning weigh in. You would be better off leaving that entry with a blank weight and that way you won’t introduce an outlier entry with an abnormally high weight. Common times to weigh yourself is in the morning when you wake up, or at night before you go to bed. We recommend choosing the option that is easiest for you.

6. When should I transition into a new main log?

We recommend that you start a new log for each nutritional phase. This allows our algorithm to make appropriate intake suggestions and reduces noise in the data you are tracking in LogSmarter™.